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Showtech Automation and Flying effects


The team at Showtech have been producing flying effects and stage Automation for over 30 years, whether it be performer flying systems for well known theatrical productions such as Peter Pan or Mary Poppins, to corporate launches, brand activations, tv, film and concert stunts and flying to major opening or closing cermonies. Showtech have been on board.


Our Automation department also includes, Stage Lifts, Stage Revolves, LED automated screen movement and operation, set and scenic, lighting, truss and prop flying, tilting and automation and movement, Single Axis & Multi Axis Automated Winch systems, tracking of all sorts and more.


With years of experience in the craft of theatre and magic, the team at showtech create seamless automation and movement that integrates with your production, event or spectacular.


We love the art of stage and theatrical flying, all our flying team are fully trained and have over 30 years experience in performer flying, our equipment meets the highest Australian and international standards. From simple manual effects to 3D automated winch flying systems, we have all your flying and automation needs covered.


Safety is of the utmost importance, We take the time to train each artist or performer, even if they may have never flown before, we always ensure safety is of the utmost importance and that the performer feels totally comfortable before and during their flight.

Our Special effects flying team take time to work with each performer in the art of flying, importance of harness and costume fitting, our rescue methods and how the system works.


Showtech have strict Safe work method statements, and checklists for each flying and automation sequence and operation by Showtech specialised trained personnel.

Showtech is one of the few companies in Australia that carry worldwide public and professional liability insurance specific to automation and performer flying, so if you choose to find another supplier, ensure they are experienced, trained, have the correct equipment and have the specific insurance cover for performer flying.


We understand that budget is important and can offer many various options for performer flying effects and automation systems.


Contact us to find out more about our automated winches, lifts, staging and more



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